Funny Gravestone

You may not often see a funny gravestone but they do exist. And, you may also have a sense of humour that demands your gravestone carry on it, or is engraved with it, a sense of fun and friviality that formed part of your life.

Some of us plan to get everything about our own dying out of the way in that we want to get all aspects of what will be needed settled. We do get out funeral arrangements done because we usually do not want any relative to have to go through all the issues during a difficult time. And, that's why it is important to decise just what you want to be written on your gravestone, headstone or etched onto a glass niche. There are several possibilties and usually the only limitation is the amount of space available.

Funny Gravestone Sayings:

Come And Visit Often

Pardom Me For Not Getting Up - I Feel Like Lying Down

Gone Fishing - Permanently

Don't Come In Yet - Wait Til Later

Now Is Not The Time To Ask Me Again

There Is Always Lots Of Room Here

If You Can't Say Anything Nice About Me Then Leave

Forever A Mess I Must Confess

In The Beginning I Was Small, Now I Am Nothing At All

If You Can't Beat 'Em, You'll Join Them Here

The Only Regrets I Have Are Those Things I Didn't Do

Time Waits For No One But I Wouldn't Have Minded A Bit Of A Delay

I Never Claimed To Know Anything So Why Am I Here

I wasn't Always Like This

I Never Asked For The Lights To Dim

Wishing You Were Here

Sad As It Is, I'll Never Yell At You Again

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Ideas For Headstone Inscriptions
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